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When you get the paper take a look inside
On page 27 there's a photo of a bride
Underneath the story of a man who died
In Morocco

Memorize the article word for word
The man in the homburg understands the code
Make sure the conversation isn't overheard
They're around you

And take the night train to Munich
Rumbling down the track
After half an hour in the restaurant car
Look for the conductor
And there will be a stain on his tunic
A paper underneath his arm
Then you'd better pray that he doesn't look away
Or you'll never, never, never come back.

- Al Stewart, Night Train to Munich

Page 27 makes a small return in order to offer a download of the radio show 'The Al Stewart Story' from the late 1990s, from an old cassette tape. Introduced by Alan Parsons, it features Al himself and many friends and colleagues.

Download it here (approx 54 Megbabytes)

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